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Oocyte collection and cumulus removal

Oocyte collection and cumulus removal

About the course:

Oocyte collection is one of the most critical steps of the IVF process. Efficiency and safety in all the steps involved are essential for a successful outcome.


This one-day intense one to one hands-on training course was designed to introduce beginner/junior scientists and technicians into the important aspects and essential steps which ensure efficient and safe egg collection and handling.

Course’s goals:

After this course the candidate will be able to:

  • Know the fundamentals of the oocyte collection and denudation processes
  • Know what can go wrong during egg collection and denudation
  • Implement strategies for risk mitigation during oocyte collection and denudation
  • Validate and monitor efficiency of oocyte collection and denudation

Training Material: 

  • Immature COC
  • Training Videos


9-12: Hands on Session with the Oocyte Expert

  • Media preparation
  • Observe expert in action during oocyte collection
  • Observe expert in action during oocyte denudation
  • Discuss with the expert the tips and tricks for special cases
  • Microscopic evaluation of different oocyte maturation stages
  • Oocyte Morphology assessment

12:00-13:00: Lunch Break

13:00-17:00: The Oocyte Expert Introduces you to the:

  • Fundamentals of Oocyte Collection and oocyte denudation
  • Critical steps for oocyte collection and oocyte denudation
  • Tips and tricks for oocyte collection and denudation
  • QC and QA

Cost: 500 euros

Certificate of attendance: 

All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance upon submitting the course’s evaluation form.

TEL: +30.2310.473000

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