Lectures and practical sessions are very informative and clearly explained.
Academics and hospitality are excellent.
All experts take personal care of the delegates, their queries, their comforts.
Pleasant experience.

Dr. S.S.


Embryolab Academy has very well organized this workshop with very interesting talks giving a holistic view on several topics concerning the ART world and very informative practical’s offering us the chance to practice on various PGD procedures.
It was a great experience.
Looking forward to new workshops from the team of Embryolab Academy!



Every aspect of this workshop was absolutely perfect. The scientific program, the hands-on procedures, the warm hospitality of all the people of Embryolab Academy.
I wish to the Embryolab Academy, best of luck, to all the coming workshops.
This Academy, it was something that was missing from the IVF field in Greece.
Best regards



What an amazing experience in a workshop!!!
One of the most wonderful things was to see a team of scientists, embryologists and doctors work together to give very comprehensive lectures and practical knowledge.
The course was up to date.
The speakers were open to give/share knowledge. Thanks for inviting well known speakers from ESHRE, leading geneticists and an all-rounded team.
I’ve learnt teamwork and my experience is worth spreading all over the world especially in my country, Kenya.
I kindly ask that more of these meetings be set up for the benefit of many students.


Good start!
Thank you for the great workshop!
All the words are not enough to describe all positive moments!
I would like to thank all the organizing team for the great work you’ve done perfect organization, very essential causes, lectures & practices, for the speakers invited, for the great so friendly and warm atmosphere from the very morning till late evening. Good luck with the further workshops!  It was the best workshop I’ve attended.
Best wishes, Hope to meet you in our IVF world.



Thank you very much for this workshop! It was a pleasure to get to know you all and learn from your expertise.
The lectures were amazing, and the practical parts were so helpful. Even the atmosphere at the Embryolab was filled with knowledge and warmth. Also, a big thanks for the perfect organization – it was really one of the best workshops we have ever been to.

Hope to meet you soon again! Cheers   


It is a great pleasure to be here to meet the experts in this field!
The workshop gave me great opportunities to learn and update my knowledge and techniques on PGT & PGS. It was a great and successful workshop I ever joined, and I hope that there will be more to come in the future.
All is well.


Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful workshop! Everything was so well planned, and the experience was invaluable. It has been a pleasure meeting all the members of the ‘’ Embryolab Academy’’ family.
You are all so welcoming and lovely!
All the best for the future and please keep organizing more amazing workshops for us to attend.


I am completely happy to be a part of the workshop

Thanks for all.

H. D.


Alexia, Martine and Nick thank you for organizing and inviting me to one of your amazing workshops.
As always everything is exceptionally organized.
Looking forward to the next.


I think this is the best workshop that I have attended during 10 years of embryology experience.
And it is also so nice to be in one of the best cities of Europe, lovely Thessaloniki.
Thank you for the good workshop to all.  



It is great workshop I felt it very well organized and will recommended to other. Well done!


Poha Gate

Thank you very much for this very interesting and very well organized workshop.
It’s really effective when embryologists from all over the world have such meetings! Their experience and help it’s really priceless.

Thanks again and congratulations.



I’d like to thanks Alexia and Martine for this experience, very useful for me.

Thank you very much 


I’ll like to thank you all so much.

I hope you will repeat the workshop again to help many colleges.






Thank you for organizing this workshop. It’s very helpful.



I really thank you for this warm, worthwhile educational meeting! It was priceless! What I heard and what I learned will be extremely valuable for me and will help me carry out improvements in the way I do things in my lab!

Thank you



Dear Organisers!
Thank you so much for such a good meeting, high standard lectures, feed back, open discussion, nice dinner.
I am supposed to talk about my mistakes at the as well “I am the best here, no mistakes, no trouble slouts, nothing to declare, I swear!! because I HAVE NOT STARTED” – But I promise you will hear a lot from me next meeting!! All the best.



Thank you so much for this useful workshop. I would like mainly to suggest for future some theme on “ovarian tissue cryopreservation” because in the world at set there are more than 100 different protocols and there isn’t at moment no a standardized protocol.



Thank you very much for this very interesting meeting!




Thank you for a very interesting workshop! It was the perfect setting for exchanging ideas and practices (routines).
I really enjoyed it.

Please keep up the good work and organize similar courses in the future!


Thanks for organizing this well prepared workshop.

I had a really great time!


Thanks a lot



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