Assisted Reproduction Techniques, E-learning Course

Date: March 1st – May 18th 2024

Oocyte Vitrification and Warming- Fertility Preservation
We are thrilled to announce that Embryolab’s esteemed team of scientists will be guest lecturers at the E-learning Course on Assisted Reproduction Techniques,organized by the Certified European Training Center in Obstetrics and Gynecology (EBCOG) at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, under the leadership of Professor Harry Siristatidis.

Calling all healthcare professionals looking to refine their IVF expertise: doctors, gynaecologists & interns, pre-med students, embryologists & geneticists, nurses, and midwives.

Dive deep into the latest advancements and techniques with renowned experts like Dr. Nicholas Christoforidis, Mrs. Alexia Chatziparasidou, Dr. Michalis Kyriakidis, Dr. Marina Dimitraki, Dr.  Achilleas Papatheodorou, and Mrs. Glykeria Samolada  .

Why you can’t miss this:

  • Master the fundamentals: Gain a comprehensive understanding of assisted reproduction principles & practices.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Learn from the best about the newest technologies and approaches.
  • Empower patients: Equip yourself to offer the most effective treatment options for infertility.
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Day 1

Module: Methodology | Statistics | Basic and advanced principles in research
Speakers: C.Siristatidis, M.Papapanou
Date: 1/3/2024
Duration: 17.00-22.00


  1. Basic principles of methodology in assisted reproduction – C. Siristatidis
  2. Basic principles of statistics in assisted reproduction research M. Papapanou
  3. Types of studies – Risk of bias assessment in research in assisted reproduction – C. Siristatidis

Day 2

Module: The female and Male reproductive System | Assessment of infertility
Speakers: C. Siristatidis, M. Papapanou
Date: 9/3/2024
Duration: 08.00-13.00


  1. Basic principles of anatomy and physiology in the female and male – M. Papapanou
  2. Hormones: mechanisms of action. Amenorrhea – C. Siristatidis
  3. Evaluation of the infertile couple – C. Siristatidis
  4. Special categories of diseases – C. Siristatidis
  5. Artificial intelligence in the prediction of IVF – C. Siristatidis
  6. Metabolomics in IVF – C. Siristatidis

Day 3

Module: Assisted reproduction techniques I
Speakers: C. Siristatidis, M. Kyriakidis, M. Dimitraki
Date: 22/3/2024
Duration: 17.00-22.00


  1. 17.00-18.00: Basic principles in Assisted Reproduction – C. Siristatidis
  2. 18.00-19.00: The endometrium in Assisted Reproduction / Chronic endometritis and IVF – C. Siristatidis
  3. 19.00-20.00: From oocyte donors to recipients: introduction to screening and treatment protocols – M. Kyriakidis
  4. 20.00-21.00: The impact of endometriosis and other autoimmune disorders on IVF outcomes – M. Dimitraki
  5. 21.00-22.00: Social Freezing – C. Siristatidis

Day 4

Module: Assisted reproduction techniques I
Speakers: N. Christoforidis, C. Siristatidis, G. Samolada, A. Ververi
Date: 23/3/2024
Duration: 09.00-13.00


  1. 09.00-10.00: Controlled ovarian stimulation protocols – N. Christoforidis
  2. 10.00-11.00: Excessive and low response to ovarian stimulation – C. Siristatidis
  3. 11.00-12.00: Issues of bioethics and legal framework in Assisted Reproduction – G. Samolada
  4. 12.00-13.00: Principles of Medical Genetics – A. Ververi

Day 5

Module: Assisted reproduction techniques II
Speakers: A. Chatziparasidou, A. Papatheodorou, C. Siristatidis
Date: 26/4/2024
Duration: 17.00-21.00


  1. 17.00-18.00: Quality management and success rates of embryological laboratory – A. Chatziparasidou
  2. 18.00-19.00: Techniques and applications in the embryological laboratory – A. Papatheodorou
  3. 19.00-21.00: Recurrent pregnancy loss – Guidelines – C. Siristatidis

Day 6

Module: Assisted reproduction techniques complications
Speakers: C. Siristatidis, M. Kyriakidis
Date: 17/5/2024
Duration: 17.00-22.00


  1. 17.00-18.00: IVF drugs and gynecological cancer – C. Siristatidis
  2. 18.00-19.00: Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome – C. Siristatidis
  3. 19.00-20.00: The burden of multiple pregnancies and strategies for risk mitigation – M. Kyriakidis

Day 7

Module: Assisted reproduction techniques complications
Speakers: N. Christoforidis, M. Dimitraki, M. Papapanou
Date: 18/5/2024
Duration: 09.00-13.00


  1. 09.00-10.00: Implantation failure following IVF treatment – N. Christoforidis
  2. 10.00-11.00: Oocyte pick-up and associated complications – M. Dimitraki
  3. 11.00-12.00: Risk of congenital anomalies after IVF – M. Papapanou

Assisted Reproduction Techniques, E-learning Course by UoA and EBCOG

Date: March 1st – May 18th 2024

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