The KIVELI Fertility Association and Embryolab Academy with Embryolab Fertility Clinic, along with the significant support of the Greek district of the AHEPA Association, held their second event in Thessaloniki, for the second consecutive year, and on the occasion of the European Fertility Week. The topic was “We support fertility in practice”.

The week from November 6th until the 12th has been designated, by the Fertility European Organization, as the “Fertility Week Across Europe”. Actions and activities are being carried out in every European country to raise awareness and advertence among all fertility bodies.

“We celebrate 40 years of assisted reproduction.

From 1978 up to date, more than 6,500,000 children have been born around the world thanks to therapies and assisted reproduction techniques,” said Dimitra Drakopoulou, President of the Kiveli Fertility Society.

A large audience but also a very big number of students attended the event, during which, Assisted Reproduction specialists and representatives of the KIVELI Association presented the developments in ART, the updated clinical and laboratory practices, the efforts and daily stories of couples who are fighting infertility, they gave advice on fertility, infertility, psychological and nutritional issues.

Mrs. Alexia Chatziparasidou, Senior Clinical Embryologist and Embryolab’s Laboratory Director, stated: “We are here to ensure family formation as the basic right of every human being. The science we are developing and the technology we apply offer solutions to couples and the dream of their life to become a reality. ”

“We are living in the New Era of the Assisted Reproduction with provision the technological breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical and recombinant DNA sectors, the micro investigation, cryobiology, the genetics and I could go on…and foremost, the individualized reproductive therapy which is the new chapter in the history of assisting reproduction. It is more than certain that couples with fertility issues have significant benefits from it,” said the Clinical Director of Embryolab and Assisted Reproductive Gynecologist, Mr. Nikos Christoforidis, MD, MRCOG, DFFP.

The message of the event was powerful and worth reaching all couples struggling to have a child:

We support fertility and we choose the best practices!

With positive thinking, scientific excellence and true care … the dream becomes a reality

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